Jingwei Yang
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SAIC MFA Publication - Print


Project Overview

Every two years, the department of Visual Communication in SAIC is interested in producing a new publication that represents the MFA program. It would provide an overview of the MFA program in general, as well as the particular aspect of the MFA program.


Project Duration

Initial Research: One Weeks
Design Layouts: Two Weeks
Final Deliverables/ Presentation: One Week

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Content Spread


As the MFA publication's function is to be both promotional and experimental, my conceptual theme of the final publication is hybridization and excitement. The Visual Communication Design department has always encourages students to cross boundaries between design and art, which allows students to cross different department and explore their self-interest and identity. I reveal my concept through breaking the grid, cold plate text block and strong contrast of type and color. Which actively gives the concept energy, and creativity.