Jingwei Yang

Home Rules - Ebook


Project Overview

Transforming a book named Home Rules into eBook format. Instead of going back and forth searching for references, we’ll introduce elaborative links of the features in an app. While keeping the original texts of the book, we were to make it more interactive for the readers to engage in reading it while they get to choose where and how to learn more about the book more effectively. Replacing the image of a black and white book, we were to bring a colorful visualization to readers reading experience and make it more engaging and visually pleasant, in order to create a better learning experience.



Home Rules is written by Denis wood and Robert J. Beck. Exploration of “built environment” and our relationship to it. It shows a series of objects inside the home of Denis and Ingrid Wood with their children, Randall and Chandler, and explains the rules around the objects. Their search is for an understanding of every room as an institution, a cultural creation, centered on fundamental human needs, activities and beliefs.


Our strategy

Structure Strategy

  1. A linear reading experience

  2. Non-linear reading option

  3. Network

  4. Direct links to connect  the information together.

  5. Color coding system

Visual Strategy

  1. Images are corresponding to the content

  2. Clear navigation

  3. Visual map of the room and relationship of the objects

User Persona

User Persona.png

User scenario

Fiona sat by the window and resumed reading her favorite book, Home Rules. Eyes sweeping across the room, she is very satisfied by the blinking lights on the windows. She browsed through the chapter names and saw the “30. Christmas”. “Huh, how appropriate for the occasion!”

Fiona started off reading this chapter and wants to see where the contents take her...


Working prototype

Key Features

This project is collaborated with Riesling Dong and Jenny Chu.