Jingwei Yang

Old_Aug 14th, In the Dark - Information Graphic


Project Overview

On August 14, 2003, hundreds of cities across the midwest and northeast went dark as the United States experienced the worst blackout in its history. In this project, our team was tasked to piece together what had happened and discover the causes of the incident, it is a design that can be read, understand in different level.


Project Duration

Initial Research: Two Weeks
Data analyzation/ General Layout: Two Weeks
Color Decisions/ Detail Mapping/ Copies: Three Weeks
Final Deliverables/ Presentation: One Week


Involved Parties

Who was involved.jpg

Electricity Explanation

Blackout Progression

Incident Progression.jpg


Project statement

Our goal was to provide two solutions for different viewers. One is for those who has little to no knowledge of the event and want to scheme through and get the general idea. Second is for those who are interested in the micro-level details.

There are many details to fully support the macro aspect of the events which includes real and reactive power, how the electricity works, what parts are involved, etc.

This project is collaborated with Riesling Dong and Marina Porta.